About Us - Team



Andrew Sherman, Founder and President

Andy started Powdermet, Inc. as a spin-out of Ultramet, Inc., in 1996. It has been his vision and energy that has propelled Powdermet to be a leading developer and supplier of nanostructured metallic materials. He has over 22 years of experience developing specialty metal products, most of this for the Department of Defense and industrial OEM users. He received a B.S. in both Ceramic and Chemical Engineering from The Ohio State University and an M.S. in Ceramic Engineering from the same institution. While at Ohio State, Mr. Sherman conducted research on corrosion, solid state electrical and transport properties, and thermodynamic modeling. Mr. Sherman’s industrial career began at Ultramet in 1987, where he initially served as a Research Scientist investigating refractory materials. Mr. Sherman was promoted to New Business Development Manager in 1989 and to Marketing Manager and Chief Metallurgist in 1990. Until the formation of Powdermet in 1996, Mr. Sherman was responsible for all business planning and marketing activities at Ultramet, as well as management and coordination of MicroTec™ metal coated powder development programs and all solid rocket motor, machine gun, and ordinance materials development. Mr. Sherman’s past research experience has included process development and cost reduction for CVD/CVI coatings, wear- and heat-resistant coatings and composites development, ordinance product development, development of re-entry thermal protection systems, and development of military and commercial components and systems.

Mr. Sherman has authored over 125 papers and presentations, has 14 patents issued or pending, and is a member in good standing with six technical societies. Mr. Sherman is also the inventor of the R&D 100 award winning “Fast Fluidized Bed Chemical Vapor Deposition (FFBCVD)” process enabling the production metal coated fine powders. It is this technology, which Mr. Sherman has purchased from Ultramet in the startup of his current company; Powdermet, Inc. Mr. Sherman sits on the DOE Hydrogen Safety Panel, and reviews safety plans and policies around energetic materials for the President’s Hydrogen Economy Initiative. He has been listed in the American Historical Society’s “Who’s Who in Science and Engineering” since 1998, is a life member of the National Registry of Who’s Who (elected 1998) and was listed in the “International Who’s Who of Professionals” in 2000 and 2001. Mr. Sherman was recognized as a 2009 and 2012 Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist.

Brian P. Doud, General Management

Brian received his M.S. in Materials Science and Engineering and his B.S. in Ceramic Engineering from Alfred University, Alfred, New York. Mr. Doud’s experience includes Graduate Research Assistant work on magnetic and mechanical properties of glass coated amorphous wire composites and creating nano-porous glass at Alfred University. He also worked as a Research Assistant at Whiteware Research Center in Alfred, New York, where he characterized samples using TGA and X-ray diffraction techniques. Mr. Doud brings to Terves a background in materials technology and composite materials, having worked with Powdermet Inc. as well as with glass-metal composites, carbon-carbon composites and ceramic-polymer composites from design to failure analysis. Mr. Doud carries extensive knowledge in the area of syntactic foams following both metal and ceramic foams from concept to production scale-up including a variety of processing abilities for powder processing, metallic alloying, and pre-ceramic polymer systems. Mr. Doud leads the product development team for Powdermet including MComP, EnComP, PolyTact, and SynFoam related products. His primary role is working with the customer to develop whole product solutions, and working as the internal champion and lead to make sure the customer requirements are met. In the last two years, Mr. Doud was responsible for two new Phase I programs, an Ohio Research and Commercialization Grant and successfully converted three Phase I programs into Phase II programs. Mr. Doud has successfully scaled-up foam production operations at Powdermet to 18″ and larger panels, tubes and tank, and is further expanding capabilities and capacity to support DoD, DOE, and industrial customers. In 2009, Mr. Doud received a NorTech Innovation Award for energy absorbing aluminum SComP™ products and, in 2012, he received a NorTech Innovation Award for micro/nanocomposite MComP™ products.

Anupam Ghildyal, Sales

Anupam has diverse multi-functional experience spanning multiple industries, markets, and geographies including venture capital, corporate strategy, business development, evaluating opportunities and exploring its potential, and consulting for several companies. Anupam finds evaluating opportunities, analysis, managing complex projects, problem solving, and creating sustainable strategies to be extremely interesting. Anupam currently manages strategy and finance domains for MesoCoat and Abakan Inc., apart from managing a renewable energy financing and project management company in India, SunTerrain. In Cleveland, Anupam is involved with the local technology incubators and several other entities from the Ohio entrepreneurial ecosystem. Anupam has worked for start-up, mid-sized, and large companies with multi-cultural teams in Asia and North America where he has worked with global clientele across a variety of sectors. For the past 5 years, Anupam has been working with companies that are serving the energy sector; mainly oil and gas and solar. Anupam brings a global perspective with a breadth of understanding across several functions and sectors which add tremendous value to the company.

Anupam received his Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from Mumbai, India; and his Masters in Engineering and Management from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, where he was inducted to the Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society (Highest International honor for a Business Student).

Nicholas Farkas, Research & Development Manager

Nicholas received a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Project work for Mr. Farkas includes the casting of aluminum foam for lightweight, high-strength applications to process and characterize metal matrix composite material. Prior to joining Powdermet, Mr. Farkas spent nearly two years in a development lab at First Solar, Inc., a company that manufactures thin film solar modules, where he developed and then scaled up several research projects to meet the needs of their Strategic Materials Group. Currently at Powdermet, Mr. Farkas is responsible for leading technical efforts for the development of scalable manufacturing processes and materials concepts for producing high-strength, lightweight metals and nanostructured composites. Mr. Farkas oversees the efforts of the R&D team on various materials challenges, and is also responsible for all fluidized bed chemical vapor deposition processing, which includes cobalt, TiN, TiC, SiC, Cu, Ni, and W deposition.