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    Terves - 'To Engineer' Engineered Reactive Materials
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    Engineered High-Strength, Light-Weight Nanocomposite Frac Balls
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    Dissolvable Frac Balls for Well Completion
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    We Enable Multi-Stage Fracking to Improve Economics
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    Shale: The next energy revolution
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    Reactive Energetic Materials

Terves Inc. manufactures composites materials that are engineered
to systematically respond to the environment and predefined engineered stimuli.

Terves Inc. is a materials science company producing engineered composites used in the oil and natural gas well completions and defense industries.
The Company has proprietary, patented, and proven core technologies that it applies in designing, developing, and manufacturing highly differentiated, high value-added metal, ceramic and composite powders and materials that are engineered to respond to their environment and/or predefined engineered stimuli. This response can include disintegration for ease of well-bore cleanup, generation of heat, and generation of gas pressure.
One of our important goals is to reduce the amount of water required in hydraulic fracking well completions.
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  • Frac Balls for Well Isolation
  • Enhanced Well Perforating Devices
  • Disintegrating Cases for Temporary Tools and Completions
  • Active and passive proppants
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  • Reactive Warheads and Missile Cases
  • Electronic Packaging
  • Beryllium Replacement
  • Airframe Structures
  • Turbine Engine Structures
  • Transportation
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A selection of imagery related to our engineered composites used in the oil and gas well completions and defense industries.